Caseline is here to help you in your case design, supply and fulfillment.

To get going all we need is an image of the current case being supplied and a sketch or photo of the contents with approximate measurements to start the design process and short list the possible cases from our extensive ranges available.

As Caseline is the partner of leading case brands from around the world including W.AG, Bwh Koffer, Plasticase Inc, GT, Tsunami, Plastica Panaro and a partnership with high volume production of transit and presentation cases in China too, we source straight from the manufacturer therefore reducing cost and increasing efficiency of ongoing supply worldwide.

Once we have your product requirements, we work to design the best solution to suit distribution, application and budget adding services such as screen printing, labels, foams or complete custom case production to the project.

We guarantee our pricing is competitive and may reduce costs from existing local suppliers.

Our presence in the UK and Australia allow for a unique international service supporting your organisation globally when expansion takes place.

No project is too large with experience in all market places, all continents and all casing solutions.

Send us your project today at and we'll come back to you with our thoughts and recommendations.

Graham Dudley
CEO - Caseline Storage Limited