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Max Watertight Cases
Technical Information
  • Watertight seal around lid
  • Resistant to dust, water and impact
  • IP67 certified
  • Automatic pressure release valve
  • Easy to open double latches
  • Load tested soft grip handles
  • Holes for padlocking
  • Holes for shoulder strap
  • Stackable interlocking design
  • Thick injection moulded shell
  • Full length hinges with nylon pins (corrosion free)
  • Area for label on lid
  • Optional empty or foam filled interiors
Model Internal Dimensions (mm) Colour Choices
MAX235H105 235x180x106mm Black / Orange / Transparent
MAX235x155 235x180x156mm Black / Orange
MAX300 300x225x132mm Black / Orange
MAX430 426x290x159mm Black / Orange
MAX505 500x350x194mm Black / Orange
MAX520 520x290x200mm Black / Orange
MAX520TR 520x290x200mm (with wheels) Black / Orange
MAX540H190 538x405x190mm Black
MAX540H190TR 538x405x190mm (with wheels) Black
MAX540H245 538x405x245mm Black
MAX540H245TR 538x405x245mm (with wheels) Black
MAX620H250 620x460x250mm Black
MAX620H250TR 620x460x250mm (with wheels) Black
MAX620H340 620x460x340mm Black
MAX620H340TR 620x460x340mm Black
MAX1100 1100x370x140mm Black